All hail the power of Jesus’s Name! Let angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all!
Ye chosen seed of Israel’s race, ye ransomed from the fall,
Hail Him Who saves you by His grace, and crown Him Lord of all!
– Edward Perronet (1726-1792), from “All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name” (1779)

Last week we addressed the sad inability of mainstream science to understand reality, or even to know how best to seek it, as we prepare to launch Seek Reality Online. Now this week we are going to talk about what Jesus told me was the real reason why He chose to be born as God on earth. I had intended never to mention this again. But last Sunday morning, as our article about the failures of mainstream science went live, Father Richard Rohr of the Center for Action and Contemplation sent out an email in which he detailed how God had taken him on a journey of personal discovery that had led him far beyond the Roman Catholicism of His youth. And as we were reading about Father Rohr’s journey of discovery, Thomas said to me, “Now we will tell Jesus’s story of His own voyage of discovery. He undertook His journey not for Himself, but because He wanted to free mankind. That is why He told you His story. Now He wants His true story to be known in place of the false Roman Christian story! His true story is what His website will be about.” Wow. But at least that makes sense. It never made sense that He would tell His story just to me!

So now Thomas and I will tell you all of what Jesus told me on the night of April 6th, when my dear Thomas took me to meet his eternal Friend in the astral plane. I have told some of that story from my own perspective, how overwhelmed and how star-struck I was to be unexpectedly meeting Jesus that way. For any who might be wondering, that was not a dream. It was a wide-awake experience. I saw each iridescent scale on the Lord’s pet fish and every blade of grass. I saw His face and His beautiful hazel eyes with almost unbearable clarity, but then I had to look away. It seemed to frustrate Him that I was so ill at ease in His presence. But I could not look upon the face of God.

This is in part also my Thomas’s story. I didn’t realize until my guide filled in for me some of the details of their lives together how close he and Jesus actually are! And for how long they have been so close. Of course, when the Lord’s telling of His story begins, neither of them had their present status….

Six or seven thousand years ago, in what we now call the fertile crescent, a fortress city paid its harvest tribute. The gates were opened, and the Chieftain sent out his sons with wagons full of new-cut grains. But instead of being received as tribute, those wagons were ambushed and the princes’ bodies were displayed on pikes by an army that attacked the city and murdered its inhabitants. And then the Celestial Council determined that one of those princes had achieved all grace. He was now to join the Godhead Collective that cares for humankind. And so the Being that we know as Jesus ascended to the level of the Godhead.

Jesus told me as we sat side by side on an astral riverbank and fed His fish with grain that simply appeared in our hands that He did not at first understand what had happened to Him. Communication in the astral plane is mostly by mind, and He was still in communication with His brothers. He could not understand why they were unable to follow Him. And the more the Celestial Council explained that His natural goodness and His constant kindness had fully earned Him that exalted place, the more upset He became. His brothers, whom He dearly loved, were no less worthy than He was! The brother that you and I know as Thomas was perhaps quieter and more within himself; and His other brother, the one that we know as the Apostle John, was perhaps not as kindly, true, but he was no less worthy! And what were all these rules? Who had made them? Why did nobody tell anyone what the rules were, so people could make a better effort to follow them?   

Jesus asked His brothers by mind to remain where they were until He could figure out what was going on. Thomas tells me that he dimly recalls that their requests to remain were a very big deal, and probably the first time that anyone had asked to be allowed to do anything out of order. But their requests were approved, because at the level of the Godhead Collective Jesus was making much bigger waves. He could not bear the thought that His being naturally more loving had given him an advantage that other people didn’t have. Basically, all heck was breaking loose.

With no guidance at all, in such a primitive world human advancement must have been slow indeed! Jesus told me as we sat together and idly fed His fish that the other members of the Godhead Collective were so melded that they couldn’t even comprehend His questions. They kept telling Him in a mental chorus that His brothers would be Perfected Beings soon enough! But Jesus’s vision had become so much bigger. It was even bigger than His other siblings, for His father of that lifetime had many wives. No, what about everyone else in that city? And all the slaves who had tilled the fields? And the traders who had roamed the earth? And since no one knew who had made those rules, why did we need to have rules at all?

You and I know that the “rules” that Jesus was trying to understand were the implacable laws of Consciousness physics. Although at the time, no one could have known that. And when even the Godhead Collective and the Celestial Council seemed to be unable to make sense of the reason for those rules, eventually Jesus decided that He had to live another lifetime on earth so He could study whatever it was that had made Him different from most other people, and figure out how to help not just His own brothers of His most recent lifetime, but also everyone else on the earth. Jesus wanted everyone to be able to achieve the place that He seemed to have achieved naturally. He felt driven to know precisely how this whole system worked! When He sat with me on that April night, He told me wryly that He had been naïve to think it would be easy for Him to break every rule and be allowed to do this. But life on the earth was so hard! And people had no idea why they were even there to begin with, so they made so little progress in each lifetime. There had to be a way to make whatever this process was at least somewhat easier for everyone.

The notion that Jesus might want to incarnate again as a Perfected Being into an entire lifetime from birth through death just so He could study people and give them tips for faster spiritual growth was unthinkable to the Celestial Council. Nothing like that had ever before been done! No one ever had chosen to incarnate on earth again from out of the Godhead Collective, and furthermore Jesus told me that His reason for wanting to do so seemed to be somehow unserious to them. And here you see the problem of conversing by thought, because that isn’t precisely the right word to use, and in trying to interpret the Lord’s thought that night I simply don’t know what the right word would be. But they couldn’t understand why He would care so much about helping the people who were still incarnating. He risked being disrespected by ignoramuses, and even being traumatized to the point where He might fall right out of His exalted status. I gathered, listening to the Lord’s thought-communications between the lines as it were, that the Celestial Council was finding Jesus to be a vast inconvenience, and they were at the same time fascinated and extraordinarily respectful. He was to them a new and exotic bird, a Being so excessively loving that He couldn’t bear to see anyone left behind, or even very much delayed. And as an Ascended Being, Jesus carried weight, perhaps much more than He realized at the time. When He quietly persisted, eventually He was able to negotiate an unprecedented lifetime lived in the area of Judea. He wanted to live in a place of settled cities near where He had lived His prior lifetime, but where war of any kind was unlikely.

There is no time in the astral plane, and in earth-terms a very long time had passed since those three brothers had died. I have reckoned the approximate time and place of their final earth-lifetime by what Thomas has told me about it. And he told me, too, that planning the earth-life of an Ascended Being turned out to be a considerable to-do! While he and John had the usual spirit guidance and guardian angel protection, Jesus had instead a whole new Council of His own for guidance in that lifetime, an array of Archangel invisibles to protect Him, and the Archangel Gabriel to go before Him and announce His impending birth to His future parents. And yes, Thomas says to me now, Jesus did indeed come to earth as the Son of God. He was born on earth from out of the Godhead! How else would you characterize His status?

Jesus told me that “the one you call John” had wanted to stay close to Jesus and became one of His Disciples, but “the one you call Thomas” had been willing to be among His crowd of followers, so he could listen and report on what people were saying. Having those two with Him who had been tight with Him through lifetimes was invaluable to Him.  

The reason why Jesus was born on earth is clearly stated in the Gospels themselves. And Jesus told me when I asked Him this question that, yes, He always knew during that lifetime who He was and why He was here, although He never shared that truth with anyone. And repeatedly He says in various ways in the Gospels things like, “I and the Father are one” (JN 10:30). He told me that He found the people to be so fearful of their idea of God that He taught them to refer to their God as their heavenly Father in order to soften that image. Even long before April, Thomas had been telling me that Jesus had come to teach, but first He wanted to “study the people through human eyes” so He could understand them well enough to know how best to teach them. Nothing about Jesus’s genuine story makes the Romans’ God’s-Son-sacrificed-to-God-so-God-would-forgive-us nonsense even begin to make any sense!

In fact, Jesus tells us right in the Gospels that God never judges anyone. He says, “For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, so that all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father” (JN 5:22-23).

Oh yes, Jesus did indeed come to save us! He came to save us from floundering in lifetime after lifetime on earth without making much spiritual progress at all by giving us in the Gospels the key teachings that are necessary to help us make the most rapid possible spiritual progress. And in fact, the Gospel teachings of Jesus are the easiest and the most rapid method for achieving spiritual growth that ever has been devised.

Another point that Jesus made to me on April 6th was that His crucifixion and resurrection had been all His own idea. No matter how He phrased it, He could not convince the primitive people around Him that they were in fact eternal beings, so He wanted to give them a demonstration. He had experimented with reanimating dead animals’ bodies with temporary success in each instance, and He thought that He could do it with His own body as well, and could keep it alive for a few days at least. Then once His point had been made with that body that bore the marks of His crucifixion, He could discard His moribund body and use an astral body until He could make His more dignified exit. Of course, His personal Council didn’t like this idea either. But as we know, He did it anyway. And it worked! I especially enjoy the fact that scientists studying the Shroud of Turin tell us that the amount of energy required to produce the scorch on the Shroud could not be duplicated, even today.

And Jesus’s plan for His life as God on earth worked perfectly. He studied humankind for thirty years as a humble Jewish scholar who made His living as a carpenter, and then for a bit more than three years He was an itinerant preacher so wise and so charismatic that He gathered a considerable following. Then rather than simply disappearing, as had been the plan that He had made with His personal Council, He was crucified and rose from the dead, and in His astral body He made a show of being taken up into the astral plane. And for almost three hundred years after His death, His name and His teachings were rapidly spread far and wide by millions of eager devotees in a host of variations. Unfortunately, however, His nascent spiritual movement caught the attention of Rome, which saw in it the makings of a state religion that could become a weapon of complete control.

Jesus said not a word against Roman Christianity when I met with Him. And when I recently asked Thomas what the Lord’s attitude is toward the religion now, he said just, “Jesus is the most popular person in the world because of that religion, and He has been dead on earth for two thousand years.” But still, as some of the wisest and most thoughtful Christian scholars working today point out, Jesus is just a minor character in a religion that largely ignores the teachings that were the whole reason why He even took that extra lifetime! But to everything there is a season. And the Lord’s season has at last begun….

Let every kindred, every tribe on this terrestrial ball
To Him all majesty ascribe, and crown Him Lord of all!
Oh, that with yonder sacred throng we at His feet may fall!
We’ll join the everlasting song, and crown Him Lord of all!
– Edward Perronet (1726-1792), from “All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name” (1779)