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Roberta has been writing a weekly blog at robertagrimes.com since late 2013. Most of her earlier posts have chronicled her afterlife research, while what she has written in recent years has been more about her spiritual work. Since Roberta met Jesus in the Astral plane on April 6, 2022, and He asked her to work with Him in creating teachingsbyjesus.com, much of her blogging has related to her work with Jesus, so Roberta’s blog posts since April 9, 2022, are included below.


The books included here were chosen by Jesus. Liberating Jesus was channeled by Him in the spring of 2015, and The Fun of Loving Jesus was later channeled by Roberta’s spirit guide, Thomas. Jesus added Roberta’s three earlier adult books because they contain basic information that He feels every adult should know. He added the children’s book because it makes Him smile.