Teachings By Jesus


Roberta Grimes had an amazing experience of light at the age of eight that was something like Moses’s experience with his burning bush and Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus, which prompted her to begin to read the Bible from cover to cover beginning in childhood. She majored in early Christian history in college, and then she spent fifty years researching the afterlife so she is prepared to answer a wide range of questions. What is wonderful, too, is that although Jesus should long since have ascended, He remains on the entrance level of the astral plane and if a question interests Him, He will sometimes answer it personally. To ask a question, email info@robertagrimes.com.

We are told that Jesus is now in the process of returning. He is separating His name and image from the religion of Christianity, which is a necessary first step since He has never had anything to do with the religion that is now in decline. This website is a part of that process. Jesus intends to spread His teachings on earth, but we believe that He does not plan to return in a material body.
There are petty demonish nasties, but there is no powerful evil entity in opposition to God because the more evil an entity is, the weaker it is. Love is the only power.

Not only is there no Hell, but there is not even any judgment by God! Jesus tells us that in the Gospel Book of John. He says, “For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, so that all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father.” That is John 5:22-23. And Jesus doesn’t judge us either. That has been right there in the Bible all along! So, Jesus didn’t die to redeem us from God’s judgment for our sins. The whole religion turns out to be nonsense.

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