Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
ACIM, Preface.1:1-3

Seek Reality Online goes live officially on Monday, June 27thBut if you go to before that date, you will find that we are hosting a friends-and-family open house this weekend. Thank you for being its final testers! If you find anything amiss, please send me an email through the green contact block on This project may not look big to you, but its six months of preparation have felt like getting ready to storm the beaches of Normandy!

 It is only now that we realize why no one else ever has attempted to do this. The greater reality to which we will be returning at the death of our bodies is at least as complex as the reality that we will be leaving behind when we go home, and it is immeasurably more enormous. Which means that in order for us to talk about the process of transitioning, we first must understand and teach almost every significant detail of what amounts to a whole new world! Nearly everyone who works in the broad field of death and afterlife research and education is a specialist in only one or a few of the fields of, for example:

  • Mental Mediumship
  • Physical Mediumship
  • Consciousness Studies
  • Astral Travel
  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Life-Planning
  • Electronic Communication
  • Orbs and Lights
  • Signs from the Dead
  • Post-Death Dreams and Visions

to choose ten fields of study at random, in each of which experts will typically spend their part-time, or even their full-time careers. There are other fields, too, that are more obscure, where knowledge must be gathered, such as researching the heyday of afterlife communications through deep-trance and physical mediums that occurred in the early part of the twentieth century, when so much good afterlife evidence was received. And each of these fields is fascinating! People go to presentations and sit and marvel at what the speakers have to say. But for Craig Hogan and me, the ten topic areas listed above, and many more besides, all had to be not only mastered, but also smoothly integrated into one unified field of knowledge before we could even contemplate how we might create Seek Reality Online.

Craig and I always have felt that the study of death and the afterlife had to be undertaken as one gigantic whole if you were going to attempt to teach any part of it. We both have thought that to do anything less made no sense. It is impossible to have any realistic concept of what happens at and after death unless you can make sense of that whole other world where these events are taking place! And how does that world fit with this one? I can recall as a child looking up and imagining that my great-grandparents must be sitting on clouds way up there above me, swinging their feet, looking down and likely bored out of their minds.

Our problem in working out how things fit together is of course vastly complicated by the fact that the scientific community always has refused to study any of the afterlife evidence. Their refusal is formal, rigidly enforced, and frankly as stupid as repeatedly hitting oneself in the face with a rubber bat. It dates to the first years of the twentieth century, when the scientific gatekeepers – the university departments and the peer-reviewed journals – were busy dealing with quantum mechanics at the same time that a flood of excellent afterlife communications received through physical mediums was being presented for scientific review. To avoid also dealing with the dead while they were at the same time having to cope with the quantum physics crisis, someone came up with what they were then calling “the fundamental scientific dogma of materialism.” And they thereby turned mainstream science, which nearly all civilians still naively assume is the open-minded pursuit of the truth, into the closed-minded religion of atheism. To maintain science as the religion of atheism, even a century further on, those gatekeepers to this day have consigned even the study of consciousness to the field of woo-woo, and they continue to insist that our brains must generate our minds, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Indeed, scientists have in recent years sought and obtained research grants totaling more than a billion dollars to try to find a source of consciousness lurking inside the human brain. And they are doing this, even though it turns out now based upon overwhelming and consistent evidence that consciousness is in fact the base creative force that generates all of reality! So you see now why my reference to research scientists repeatedly hitting themselves in the face with a rubber bat is extreme, but nevertheless tragically apt.

But Craig Hogan and I are not daunted! With nothing but the actual evidence to guide us, and with only the genuine truth to pursue, Craig and I and a few other open-minded citizen-scientists are doing the work in the field of afterlife research that credentialed scientists are not allowed to do at this point in a great many fields. With each of us working independently, we have managed to put together what actually happens at and after death. And then eventually we have found one another and compared notes. I still recall the thrill of that glorious day back in 2008 when I discovered Craig Hogan’s Your Eternal Self, which then was newly published. And I realized with a flood of joy that there actually was somebody else in this world who seemed to share my peculiar hobby!

Why more afterlife researchers haven’t undertaken this crucial task of orienting people as to where the afterlife is in relation to this material reality, and how it all actually works, I cannot say. But of course, that step is essential! People cannot fully lose their fear of death until they have some understanding of where the dead go, and how the whole process actually works, in some believable way. A child can think of great-grandma sitting on a cloud and swinging her feet, but no rational adult can accept that explanation as sufficient. So you see, this work in helping to ground people in the genuine truth about the afterlife process is extremely important!

I think it was Craig who first coined the phrase “the greater reality.” But whoever it was who had that insight opened everything wide for us, since we realize now that not only is this universe not the center of all that there is, but it isn’t even a major player. Still, that is a topic for another day. Once we had used an abundance of consistent afterlife evidence, plus quantum mechanics and general scientific principles, to map out at last how everything works, we began to look with increasing interest at what scientists call dark matter and dark energy. Scientists tell us that roughly 68% of the universe is made up of dark energy, and 27% is dark matter, and they are dark not because they are sinister but because they don’t react with photons of light, which means that they are not material. And they are intrinsically part of the universe itself. Hmmm. The proportions do seem to be about right. It seems now to be increasingly likely that scientists have discovered the beyond-gigantic astral plane where we spend our eternal lives, of which the afterlife is only a part. But still, mainstream scientists must obey the core dogma of their materialist religion, which allows them to study just that five percent which is this material universe!

For Craig and me, figuring the last bits out was satisfying, but in hindsight it was where our personal crisis began. We know for a certainty now that all human lives are eternal. But how can we happily take this knowledge with us when we soon go home, and leave a blindly ignorant world behind? Yet how do we sensibly boil down and teach the fruits of our eighty years of combined research to people who have lived their whole lives fearing death?

It has taken us the past five years to work this out. And still, we have settled on a teaching program now with a sense of trepidation. But given our ages, we can’t spend forever fussing over getting it perfectly right, so now we are giving it our best shot. Seek Reality Online consists of:

  • A ninety-minute summary short-course in audio and video. We strongly suggest that everyone begin here! And for people who are dying, this short-course may be all that they can manage. For most people, though, there are four supplemental educational modules full of Craig’s videos and my own blog posts, videos, and podcasts. Those modules are:
  • The Design and Functioning of Reality.
  • Death and the Afterlife.
  • Communication.
  • Spiritual Growth.

We ask that you consume those four modules in order! And please, take your time with the first two especially. You are undoing a lifetime of negative conditioning. It is a tragic fact that your first step in learning the truth must be to un-learn the lies that you have been taught by our culture’s most trusted institutions. Science and religions have taught you that you are a sinful meat-robot. All omplete lies. In fact, you are a powerful, eternal being, and it is impossible for you ever to die. What you experience in a dim way as human consciousness is the base creative force that continuously manifests this material reality. There is no cranky Big Guy with a beard to judge you, and you need fear no fiery hell. Best of all, you in particular in all the universe are infinitely loved.

And for so long as Craig and I remain functional, we plan to conduct very frequent Zoom groups and lectures, and to offer a lot of coddling. I don’t know whether we can maintain that afterward into a new generation of managers, but we are going to try. My Thomas tells me that its modest monthly membership fee will allow SRO to maintain itself forevermore. Well, we shall see!