Teachings By Jesus

Extraordinary Knowledge


If it is important to you to believe in a God with a long white beard sitting on a throne and judging people, with Jesus right there next to Him, then you will want to skip reading this. But if you believe Jesus when He told us that God is loving Spirit (see JN 4:24), and if you are curious about how Jesus became Jesus in the first place, then read on!

The night of April 6, 2022, brought the most extraordinary experience of my life. All of us travel out of body at night to meet with our transitioned loved ones and with our spirit guides, but usually we are not allowed to remember these adventures. My own spirit guide and I had finished writing The Fun of Loving Jesus – Embracing the Christianity That Jesus Taught, and he had then proposed to me that we create this website as a companion to the book. So on that night he took me to meet with Jesus because the Lord wanted to tell me His personal story so I could share His story with you. I was going to need to remember this experience, so whatever memory switch there is was turned On.

My memory opens with the three of us sitting side by side on an astral riverbank, wearing astral robes and dangling our feet in the water. Jesus presented Himself to me at first as a kindly older Mediterranean-looking man without a beard so I would be less intimidated by Him. But I knew who He was. Jesus has an extraordinary personal energy, perfectly silken and immensely powerful. I had felt His energy before, although I never had been so close to Him. My guide, Thomas, was on my other side, looking to me as he always has, as a dark-haired and quite handsome young man. I must be a handful as a guidance assignment, because my Thomas’s classical face always wears a grim and vaguely troubled expression.

That older-looking Jesus began to speak with words, but Thomas sent Him the mental message that I would be able to understand His transmitted thoughts. Jesus then sent me the thought that as I became more comfortable with Him, He would revert to looking like Himself. And, sure enough: as Jesus was sending this tale to me in boluses of thought, He gradually reverted to looking the way I have come to see Him look of late when I have glimpsed Him from a distance: as a hazel-eyed and olive-skinned young Man of maybe twenty-five, with curly dark hair and a short, efficient beard. The only sign that we were in the astral plane was the brilliant, many-colored sky. The river before us teemed with neon-colored fish of various sizes, and we were feeding them with grain that just appeared in our hands. Behind us was an enormous plain where deer of various kinds were grazing.

Jesus began by telling me that thousands of years ago He had been the middle brother of three princes living in a walled city of no consequence. His older brother had been “the one that you call Thomas.” The younger prince had been “the one that you call John.” My Thomas later told me that the “John” that Jesus was referring to here later became the Apostle John, and in this earlier incarnation these three princes had lived in about 4300 BCE in a small city in the area that later became Babylonia. They died young when the city was overrun and conquered, at which point Jesus had achieved all grace, and He became a Perfected Being.

And so Jesus was separated in the afterlife from His brothers. Jesus told me by thought that He was surrounded by love, but He had not the foggiest idea what had happened to Him. Nor why He had entered the seventh level, and His brothers could not follow Him. He told me that He was still in mental contact with His brothers, and He asked them to wait for Him while He tried to make sense of what was happening. This was almost six thousand years ago! He had achieved the Godhead Collective because of His own innate goodness, but in fact at that point in human history there was not even any folkloric explanation for what had happened to Him, or why. And so Thomas waited. There is no time in the greater reality as we reckon time, but Thomas later told me that what was almost forty-five hundred earth-years with little communication from His Brother Jesus didn’t seem to be the burden that it actually was. John didn’t wait with him, so my Thomas was alone. And after a while, Thomas needed permission from a Council to continue to wait. But wait he did.

And for His part, Jesus was refusing to meld with the Godhead Collective as other newly perfected beings were melding with the Godhead Collective. In truth, I don’t entirely understand all of this, but from an afterlife research perspective, my Thomas had likely achieved level four or five even then, and Jesus had achieved level seven. And of course, level seven is our reality’s Godhead, which continuously manifests this whole universe and all that is in it. There are other realities, and there is an ultimate High God, but where Jesus had arrived was a pretty big deal. And those who achieve level seven generally joyously meld with the Collective in order to better lend their energies to the whole. However, Jesus was having none of that. He was asking a lot of questions, and He was not at all happy with whatever minimal answers were forthcoming to Him from the ultimate Council. Why had He achieved this exalted level, when His brothers had not? His older brother was a very good man! Not as kindly perhaps, but he didn’t deserve to be left out. And neither did Jesus’s younger brother. Especially since no one had known whatever the rules were. The “rule” that was frustrating Jesus was probably nothing more than the implacable Law of Love that governs consciousness, which Jesus later mastered and ultimately taught, but He didn’t know that then. And He thought it wasn’t fair to hold a contest when nobody knew the rules. And what about the farmers outside the city walls? And the soldiers? Jesus didn’t want to win a contest unless everybody else could win it as well.

It was clear to me, sitting there on the river bank and feeding the fish with Jesus as I listened, that He was enjoying telling this story, as anyone enjoys telling the triumphal tale of His great youthful struggles at last come to fruition beyond even His own most optimistic expectations. And it was also clear that the ultimate Council that was dealing with Jesus was handling Him with reverence and extreme respect, as befitted a Perfected Being, even though it also was clear that Jesus was being something of an unprecedented pain in the neck to them.

And then at last Jesus decided that He had to go back. He wanted to figure out how to make it possible for everyone on earth to do what He had done. But He said that the Council that was dealing with Him found it impossible to believe that a Perfected Being might want to undertake all the risks and pains of another earthly incarnation. And from out of the Godhead? That had never been done! And Jesus’s reason for wanting to take an absolutely unprecedented incarnation from out of the Godhead made no sense to them. He had nothing more to learn!

But the fact was that no one then incarnating knew anything about anything. Jesus was extremely loving by nature, so His having raised His consciousness vibration had happened easily and naturally. What He wanted to do now was understand a system that He hadn’t even known was in existence when He had beaten it. And no, just returning to the earth-plane in an astral body to have a look around wasn’t going to be good enough. He wanted gestation, birth, growing up, a whole life of poverty, and a human death. He wanted to observe people closely this time. He wanted to figure out precisely how it all worked. And then He wanted to teach everyone living on earth how to master the system, just as He had.

So eventually, when He wouldn’t let it go, a Council was created to work with Him. He told me that He was patient and polite with them, but my sense is that in that much younger world, they were trying respectfully to understand this wondrous new thing: Jesus was a Perfected Being who was so perfected and so overwhelmed with love for humankind that He could not be satisfied to be perfected Himself, but the whole of humankind must be perfected with Him. Eventually they negotiated with Him a birth and an exploratory life under the guidance of His personal Council, and in a culture of their choosing. He would have to agree to be guarded by archangels who would be invisible to the people around Him, and He would be rescued from His body before its natural death. And so, approximately forty-five hundred years after the three princes had last died on earth, they planned lifetimes in which the older and younger princes could assist their Brother, who was to be born from the Godhead. 

Just as people on earth are protected by angels, so the Godhead Collective is protected and served by archangels. Once Jesus was naturally conceived on earth, the Archangel Gabriel announced His advent to His future parents so they would not be alarmed as some unusual things were happening around Jesus during His earthly lifetime. Thought is such an easy way to communicate! As soon as a question was occurring to me, Jesus was answering it. Yes, He always knew who He was and what He was doing on earth. But no, He never confided in anyone. There were some, like my Thomas, that He could have told; and also John, the Apostle, who had been his younger brother in that final earth-lifetime. Thomas was not one of His disciples, but he was actually even more useful to Jesus because he would go out and listen to what the people were saying, and come back and tell Jesus the rumors that were in circulation.

Jesus soon passed over much of His earth-life as Jesus with a wave of His hand to me. He said aloud, “It is in the Book.” I hadn’t noticed it as it was happening, but Jesus had transformed Himself into pale church-Jesus with light-brown hair to his shoulders, and I could see that a group of people was approaching us. He stood and went to them as they formed a line, and then He was laying His hands on those people’s heads one by one and saying aloud, “Bless you, my son,” and “Bless you, my daughter.” Thomas stood, too, and he offered me his hand to help me stand. Thomas said to me by thought, “We will give Him some time.”

We moved away, and Jesus soon rejoined us farther down the river, looking again like the more usual Mediterranean version of Himself. He was followed in the river by those neon-colored fish.  He sat down again on the riverbank on the other side of me from Thomas, and He tossed some grain to the fish as I was feeling again His extraordinary personal energy. That is how people recognize one another in the astral plane: everyone has a unique energy signature. And Jesus has the most beautiful, sweet and loving energy you can imagine, with no low notes at all. Nothing of pain, sadness, selfishness, depression, avarice, anger, and no bit of fear. Everyone else is a distinctive mix, while Jesus is nothing but immense power and intense love and light. He said by thought what I think might be my eternal name, but it was a nonsense-sound. To it He added, “You must get past your fears! Are you not happy here with us?” Which made me realize how shy I was feeling to be so close to Him.

I said in words, “It is not my time to be here.” I couldn’t look at Him. How do you make small-talk with God?

Jesus sighed and said by thought, “The book that we wrote together contains most of what I want you to say. My friend that you call Thomas can supply the rest.” He added, “Why do you fear me so?”

That irritated me. I looked right at him and blurted in words, “Do you have any idea what a big deal you are?”

And He grinned. He actually grinned. He opened my astral hand with His fingers and put some grain into it and said aloud, “Here. Feed the fish.” There was a little buzz where He touched me.

His face went solemn as I felt His troubled thought. He was telling me by thought that the Council that had guided His life on earth had been horrified about His crucifixion idea. He was trying to deviate severely from the plan that He and they had made together. He wanted to publicly humiliate a Perfected Being, and He might negatively affect his own consciousness status and drop Himself below the Godhead Collective level. He couldn’t even promise them that He could re-animate the body after it died on the cross. All He knew was that there seemed to be no other way to convince the crowds that were following Him as Jesus that their lives would continue after their bodies died.

I wanted to ask Jesus why He had thought that He could reanimate a dead body, but that seemed presumptuous. He caught my question anyway. He sent me the thought that He had succeeded in reanimating dead animals, although not for long. But once He was back in the body after its death, He thought He could keep it reanimated and maintain it alive for a day or two. Then He could soon cast it aside in a bush somewhere and appear to people in an astral body. I wanted to know how He had managed to persuaded His Council to allow Him to do what we know that in the end He did persuade them to allow Him to do. The thought He sent me was that He wanted to try. Then He glanced at me, and His thought was that He had decided to do it, with or without their permission. His Archangels were at His command, so once He let Himself be arrested, it was going to be done.

You might be wondering how Jesus sounded. And how was it possible that He spoke English? He did speak American English with a vague accent when He was speaking aloud, but one advantage of speaking in boluses of thought is that it is translated in the mind of the listener. And I wish I had been allowed to remember more of this meeting, but here is where my memory ends.

I do, however, have the advantage of my Thomas to help me make better sense of this meeting. Its most important revelation is that Jesus really is one of us! I didn’t know in advance that I would be meeting Jesus that night, and I certainly had no clue about the amazing story that He was going to tell me. But His own story certainly makes more sense than the magical notions that we take from the religion. In summary:

  1. Jesus was once an incarnated human being. Thomas has some dim memories of their final earth-lifetime together, and He tells me that Jesus was always freakishly kindly. He refused to be a soldier, while Thomas was their city’s general, and Thomas recalls one incident from that last lifetime. There was a battle, and their side was finishing off the men and raping and killing the women, and his brother was searching, and he found a woman who had hidden herself with her children. They were terrified. And the brother who became Jesus fed them for days, until he could find a man of their city who would take her as his second wife. His reason given to Thomas was that their quarrel had been with the men. The woman had harmed no one.
  2. Jesus did indeed come to earth as the Son of God. He was born on earth from out of the Godhead on a divine mission, His birth was announced by the Archangel Gabriel, and He was guarded by invisible archangels throughout His life as Jesus. How else would you characterize His status?
  3. Jesus did indeed rise from the dead. Those who have studied the Shroud of Turin say that the energy required to create the scorch on the Shroud could not be duplicated, even today. There is evidence in the Gospels themselves if you look closely that Jesus used that reanimated but already decaying body for just a couple of days, and then He discarded it and switched to using an astral body for the few weeks before He was assumed bodily into the next level of reality.
  4. The reason Jesus was born on earth is clearly stated in the Gospels themselves. And Jesus told me when I asked Him this question that, yes, He always knew during that lifetime who He was and why He was here, although He never shared that truth with anyone. And repeatedly He says in various ways in the Gospels things like, “I and the Father are one” (JN 10:30).
  5. For centuries after His resurrection, Jesus and my Thomas were sure that the whole idea that God had sent God’s Own Son to die as a sacrifice to God was so foolish that the Roman religion based on that idea was bound to fail of its own dead weight. My Thomas reminds me that I myself have said that as it stands, Christianity is just a pretty wrapping that keeps the true teachings of Jesus safe, but imprisoned. So now we can unwrap the Lord’s gift. At last it is the ultimate Christmas morning!
  6. But I wanted to hear the rest of the story. Were they happy with Jesus when He went home? Thomas sent me a grin when I sent him that question. Our spirit guides are internal, but I can feel his emotions nonetheless. He told me that Jesus went at once from being the nuisance new kid making trouble to the very top of the Godhead Collective, although He still elected not to merge with it. Jesus loves people! He wanted to remain on the entrance level of the afterlife, where He could greet people as they were returning home. And unfortunately, of course, there soon were millions of victims of Roman Christianity pouring into the afterlife, having died as Jesus’s own first followers were being exterminated and Roman Christianity was being established, and then having died in the Crusades and Inquisitions that Roman Christianity carried on during much of the religion’s bloody history. So Jesus remained on the entrance level of the afterlife and loved all the hundreds of millions of the religion’s damaged victims back into emotional and spiritual health.

So Jesus really is one of us! And Jesus is also of the highest Godhead. If you would like to know more, The Fun of Loving Jesus – Embracing the Christianity That Jesus Taught is available wherever books are sold. Or you can email me at robertagrimes.com.